Hazy Jean Catalogue • friendship & thinking of you cards
hazy jean huggy bears
SKU 50001
hazy jean smile
SKU 50003
yellow smile
hazy jean miracles
SKU 50006
hazy jean hug bear
SKU 50009
hazy jean hugs bear
SKU 50010

hazy jean blue bird
SKU 50011
comfort bird

hazy jean oh canada
SKU 50013
oh canada
hazy jean hope flowers
SKU 50014
brighter tomorrow
hazy jean little flowers
SKU 50015
hazy jean white flowers
SKU 50016
white bouquet
hazy jean this sucks
SKU 50017
this sucks
hazy jean lucky me
SKU 50018
everyone wishes
hazy jean best is yet to come
SKU 50019
new beginning
hazy jean heart rainbow
SKU 50020
stay safe
hazy jean better world friend
SKU 50021
better world
hazy jean chocolate friend
SKU 50022
hazy jean coffee thank you friend friend
SKU 50023
coffee friends
hazy jean bee well friend
SKU 50024
bee well
hazy jean sunny day friend
SKU 50025
bright sun
some bunny loves you
SKU 51025
bunny love
thinking of you
SKU 50026
green leaves


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