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Our primary program (where available) is to place our cards into locations on consignment, here are some of the benefits:

  • Our rack requires just 1 1/2 square feet of floor space
  • One UPC code for all of our cards
  • All cards retail for $2.75 and $3.25, an attractive price for consumers
  • We service the rack and take care of all seasonal events, meaning no extra work for you or your staff and no inventory to manage
  • Most important - 40% profit with no monetary investment

Having said that - we’re flexible!
If you prefer a more hands on approach or are in a location where we do not offer our consignment program, you can purchase our cards outright. Contact us for wholesale pricing.

We offer FREE shipping with a minimum card order of $100.

Little Jeanie™
Our newest brand of greeting cards was specifically designed with the retailer in mind. These high quality small size cards fit on our attractive custom made compact 24 pocket bright silver wire rack - offering a lot of product on a small footprint. See them here and get them while they're HOT...off the press!

Rack Packs
You can merchandize Hazy Jean cards on one of our attractive spinning wire display racks, which are also made in Canada and come in antique silver and white. A variety of rack sizes are avaiable to suit your needs, and we’d be happy to help customize a package just for you.

Click here to see our selection of racks

Please call us toll-free at 866-270-5798 or send an email to sales@hazyjean.com if you'd like more information.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!


Hazy Jean® 36 pocket
antique silver wire rack
available in our rack packs

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